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Youth Ambassador Program

Youth Ambassador Program

  • The Youth Ambassador program aims to engage and connect with Gen Y, business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals under 35 years. The award categories are
  1. Young Professional of the Year 2015
  2. Young Community Achiever of the Year 2015
  3. Community Services Excellence Award 2015
  4. Community Association of the Year 2015
  5. Educational Institute of the Year 2015
  6. Travel Agency of the Year 2015
  7. Indian Restaurant of the Year 2015
  8. Technology Solutions Provider of the Year 2015
  9. Business Leader of the Year 2015
  10. Small Business of the Year 2015
  11. SME of the Year 2015
  12. Indian Australian Ambassador of the Year 2015 (non-contested)


India – The magical land of colours, history and mystery. There is nothing like it. The land of temples and palaces, yoga Ayurveda, fragrant spices and diverse cuisine; most of all some of the world’s most welcoming folks.

India is my home and the place that nurtured his love of cooking. The young boy observing his mother mixed a myriad of spices to create the perfect masalas and lends, Rishi’s love of India still shines through his cooking today.

Rishi is passionate about food and travel and would like to take you on a tour of the place he calls home. In his own words:

“I am excited to journey you through this great diverse land and its equally diverse food. Travelling through the streets of Delhi exploring food markets to the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra. We will explore the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and experience how people in Mumbai get their daily lunch through the Dabbawala’s. On our way I will share my knowledge and the knowledge of the locals about India and its culinary past.

I look forward to our journey through my mother land. See you soon!”

Rishi Desai

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